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John in Blaine - CrossFit Rigor


By the time that I had entered my freshman year of high school, I had quite the impressive athletic background...By the end of that year alone, I was sidelined at every football game during the season, stopped wrestling early because I was weak and out of shape, was “excused” from track and field because I never benefited the team during meets, and to top it all off, I failed the only class that I have ever failed in my academic career…physical education.

I knew that I loved being active so I had two choices; accept that sports or just being active at all wasn’t for me, or use that year as motivation to come back better than ever the next year.

Not too surprisingly, I decided that sports were not for me. That is, until about midway through that summer I hit a growth spurt and I found a friend that took me to the gym with him 6 out 7 days of the week. From that point on I gained and retained untapped strength and skills that I would’ve never thought I had. I continued to work out with this friend throughout the summer and became the co-captain of the track team for the rest of my years in high school and had an opportunity to go collegiate for pole vaulting, but regretfully turned it down to focus on academics.

Shortly after graduating college I found CrossFit where I went to get my L1 certification at the first ever CrossFit games location in Aroma’s California with such coaches as Neil Maddox, Miranda Oldroyd, and Jason Khalipa. I had such an amazing experience that weekend that I wanted to pass that experience to others. After coaching for a local gym, I decided to team up with some others to open our own affiliate. After a year there, I decided that It was time to move home (MN). Since the move back to Minnesota in 2014, I have continued to coach at various gyms around St. Cloud and the cities, and have not given up learning something new at every gym that I have attended.

My purpose to coaching is to share with as many people, that moment of satisfaction when a goal that was once thought impossible, possible.

“Not every day is going to give us the chance to save someone’s life, but everyday offers an opportunity to affect one” Mark Bezos

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