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Kasie in Blaine - CrossFit Rigor


Bachelor’s Degree in Physical and Health Education

Masters in Educational Leadership

CrossFit Level 1 Certification (CF-L1)

CrossFit Competitor

Podium placement:  1st place and 3rd place in Dakota Games

Top 100 females in the state of MN for the CrossFit Open

Top 3% in the Region for the CrossFit Open

10 years of coaching experience (youth and adults)

Pursuing Next -- CF Weightlifting Certification

My Journey in a Nutshell

I started CrossFit in April of 2013 in Mankato at Kato CrossFit after my best friends (owners of Kato CF) kept telling me I needed to try it because they knew I would love it. I had been to their box a couple times to watch what it was like but I was nervous because I thought there was no way I would be able to do everything that I saw their athletes do, especially using a barbell. The only way I touched a barbell was to bench press it in high school. I never wanted to be bad at something so that kept me from jumping right into it.

Growing up I was athletic and had played many sports. My main sports during high school were softball, basketball, and varsity track (Sprints, Triple Jump, Hurdles). I was your typical “gym go-er” all through college. I would go jogging and hit up the weight room. I got caught up in the college life of going out drinking and my priorities were a mess. I was never good at handling my emotions right, and always struggled with body image.  The thing that saved me, helped me get out of unhealthy habits, and had a positive impact on my future is when I finally decided to try CrossFit.

After the first time of trying CrossFit, I got hooked. I started seeing the results within the first month. I was pushed every single workout and felt like dying, but so did everyone else. The community, the coaches, the encouragement, and the friendly competition is just what I needed. With the help of the coaches in the beginning of my journey, I started to learn how to fuel myself properly for my workouts and CrossFit became my priority. I learned how to exert myself in the box and deal with my emotions there instead of in other ways. My new friends and family became the same people I was training with.  CrossFit helped break unhealthy diet habits and substance use. CrossFit is more than just getting a workout.

I have always wanted to share my passion for fitness and nutrition in an environment where I get to encourage other people, which is why I chose to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Health Education. I want(ed) to help people develop a healthy lifestyle and get to encourage them and see them push themselves along the way. I have coached softball, varsity track, and Boot Camp (a CrossFit program). I am excited and passionate about coaching at CrossFit Rigor because I know anyone that walks through the door has the ability to reach whatever goal they may have, no matter what ability they are at, and have fun and make friends while doing it! CrossFit is family, fitness, community, and life changing. This has been the best choice I have made for myself and I want to help others have that experience too!

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