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  • Mike S. , CrossFit Rigor Testimonials

    Love this place! It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a lifelong cross fitter everyone is treated the same. They are always there to answer what ever questions you have and teach you the proper techniques on how to move the weight!!! Come give it a try you won't be disappointed

    Mike S.
  • Ali P. , CrossFit Rigor Testimonials

    We competed in Thanksgiving Throwdown 2016 and had a fantastic day. We were worried ahead of time about being up to par, but we were assured that FUN was the priority, which certainly rang true through the day. The event was really well run, the atmosphere was positive, and they challenged everyone in the right ways. Excited to have the experience and will keep watching for future events to be a part of!

    Ali P.
  • Nicole H. , CrossFit Rigor Testimonials

    This is an awesome place you will reach all your goals the people are awesome and fun to be around I recommend everybody to go there five star CrossFit place

    Nicole H.
  • Ashley S. , CrossFit Rigor Testimonials

    At Rigor, you're able to come in at whatever fitness level, be accepted into the community, supported to reach you goals and encouraged to push a little more. Great place for a great workout.

    Ashley S.
  • Erik J. , CrossFit Rigor Testimonials

    Awesome people! Awesome workouts! Love this place!

    Erik J.
  • Aaron F. , CrossFit Rigor Testimonials

    Crossfit Rigor has a great welcoming feel. Everyone there is like family with open arms for new memebers. If your looking for boot camps, functional fitness, or competition style fitness. They have the team to fit all your needs, and ability to help achieve your health goals!

    Aaron F.
  • Christofer D. , CrossFit Rigor Testimonials

    Had my first experience with Crossfit at Rigor and it was amazing. The coaching and the community were unlike anything I've ever been a part of. I Rxd my first WOD that day with the support of everyone there! Thanks for the great workout and making me feel welcome!

    Christofer D.
  • Katelyn S. , CrossFit Rigor Testimonials

    Always a great time coming and working out here!! The people are all so nice and helpful! 😊100% love it!

    Katelyn S.
  • Dara N. , CrossFit Rigor Testimonials

    Boot Camp Recruit - Life changer! Great motivational coaches and encouraging work out community!

    Dara N.
  • Cathy W. , CrossFit Rigor Testimonials

    Excellent, caring, and compassionate coaches, along with best-in-the-class programming, and an awesome community. CrossFit Rigor has it all!

    Cathy W.
  • Gina J. , CrossFit Rigor Testimonials

    Trainers at CrossFit Rigor are motivating, encouraging, and pushing us to our limits and abilities, keeping proper form and safety 1st every class has surprised me always a different variety of personal training. The short and intense workout I have accomplished more in the last couple of weeks, then I have in the last couple of years! The environment there was very non-competitive and we were all at a very different levels but all have the same goal in mind it was very refreshing I wasn't alone in my journey.

    Gina J.
  • Audrey M. , CrossFit Rigor Testimonials

    I have re-connected with myself knowing that I can push past/through my own self-imposed limits, I have the mental ability, sharpness and quick wit to overcome any obstacle and I am a strong, confident and successful woman worth taking care of. I have Re-Discovered my true self. That is what Crossfit Rigor has given back to me.How can I not be sucked in, excited and shouting from the rooftops to anyone that will listen about CrossFit Rigor helping me re-discover myself and helped me gain my self-confidence back?!

    Audrey M.
  • John A. , CrossFit Rigor Testimonials

    This place is the best...especially the coaches!!!

    John A.
  • Dara N. , CrossFit Rigor Testimonials

    Boot Camp Recruit - Life changer! Great motivational coaches and encouraging work out community!

    Dara N.


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